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This game is a whole vibe. It gave me so much inspiration to start creating games similar to it. There needs to be more games like it.

Love this game really simplistic and scary

This wasn't too bad! Short and sweet. I love horror/suspense point-and-click games like this! There needs to be more! The atmosphere was pretty well done once the game started, and the puzzles were well thought out. I don't think I quite finished ALL of your puzzles, but the twisty ending definitely got me. Thanks for making this!

Escape House is an awesome escape room game with tension elements. You never know when the intruder is going to startle you and, try to kill you! One of the nit picks I have is at the start. She is frozen in fear but, nothing really indicates this much besides when you try to click on objects it kind of shakes. I think it's too subtle in my opinion.

The ending to this game is so powerful and unexpected! MUST SEE!! The whole game is well done, the puzzles make you think but are far from impossible. The segments where you are hiding and you can see the intruder searching for you are terrifying. Play this game -- if you don't believe me watch my video and see the truth for yourelf. 

A very nice looking and enjoyable game. It was a little short but nicely made!
I was surprised by the ending, it was a nice twist.

Quite a nice game, some parts were a bit confusing but still a nice game overall :)

This was a cool little game that I enjoyed! The ending really surprised me too! Check out my quick playthrough  :)

Thanks so much! :) We had fun watching your playthrough!

Really awesome game can't believe it was made in  only a couple days.  It's a hard puzzle to figure out and, even more suspenseful when you have some intruder in your home coming to brutally murder you with a knife!

Thank you so much for playing through it! :) We're glad you had fun!


I have to say the ending was surprising. Hopefully we'll get more context in the future. #escapeHouse2 :) 



I found the ending to this to be very different to what I thought.  I only figured out in the end that was electrical wire and not plumbing :P  You should put this on Gamejolt too if I see there you have my support.  5/5.

Youtuber:  Fellowplayer

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yea sorry about that, they actually do look like plumbing, we'll get to fixing that soon. Thank you so much for the feedback and your support! We really appreciate it!!! :)

Hey! I checked out you guys game! I gotta say it was really good. I enjoyed it! I don't get the ending though, am I suppose to end up doing that or am I suppose to escape? Overall I enjoyed these kinds of puzzle games, each item connects to another item. Anyways good luck to you future games and career! I hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :)


Yea you just end up shooting him. Thank you so much for playing our game and no we definitely don't mind, we really appreciate it!!!

Thx! :)

Hey myreax! can you make a video about our game too!